We Endeavor To Promote Economic, Professional, And Housing Equity For Bluffton's Gullah Natives, While Preserving Bluffton's Gullah History and Culture, And Advocating For Social Justice.


The Bluffton MLK Observance Committee was founded in 1984, under the leadership of Rev. S L. McPherson, former pastor of Campbell Chapel A.M.E. Church. The Black Churches in the community united; namely First Zion Missionary Baptist and St. John Baptist, along with other community leaders to organize and present programs and activities to commemorate the birthday of Dr. King under the theme of “We Remember.” In the thirty-six years since, the Committee has continued to observe Dr. King’s birthday by implementing annual banquets, community worship services, marches and programs that involve young and old, black and white to pay tribute to a martyr who sacrificed so much in the name of equality for all. Our organization is committed to promoting the memory of Dr. King in this community. We realize that the struggle for equality, justice, education and political freedom is not embraced by all, but in the words of Dr. King “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”


social justice



We are committed to working with the Beaufort County School District, local educators, and other stakeholders to close the gap in achievement gains amongst African-American students and their counterparts.



We are committed to working with state and local elected officials, business, local commerce branches and other stakeholders to ensure leverage and economic equity to the native and Black community of Bluffton and surrounding areas. We recognize that there is a diminishing presence of wealth and economic equity in the Black and native community and we are dedicated to eradicating this inequity by partnering with area leaders to mentor and foster native and black entrepreneurs.



We understand and hold dear the belief that access to quality and affordable housing is a basic human right. Our organization will work with the local AHC and community leaders to go beyond a conversation and see substantive progress towards an issue that is affecting so many.



We believe that law enforcement is an extension of the community they serve, not a separatist entity. We are committed to seeing the funding of local law enforcement work in a way that’s transformative of the community and not solely punitive in implementation. We believe in authentic community policing, we believe crisis response teams should be sent to non-threatening mental, behavioral health, and substance abuse related calls. We will work with the Chief and Town Manager to foster a unified and cohesive partnership between our local LEO and residents.